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How it works.


Straightin2ortho is a referral company that has partnered with Dentists and Orthodontists to bring affordable treatment to people wanting to improve their smile, at an affordable price. Once you have completed a digital scan, your information will be sent to a licensed dentist or orthodontist that will evaluate your case, confirm a treatment plan and deliver your trays to you. When the doctor gives you your trays, you will be supplied with an aligner case for safe storage. You will also review a set of progress models with your doctor to verify the progress of your teeth movements. The progress models help you better understand the progress of your teeth and will allow you to see where you are in the movement process. You should be aware off all benefits, risks and inconveniences associated with aligner trays and you will need to continue to visit your regular dentist to ensure you are receiving proper treatment and cleanings before and during the use of the trays. Please do not hesitate to contact Straightin2ortho with any questions you may have.


Our Agreement.


Customers are not patients receiving treatment from Straightin2ortho, but are referred to doctors on a contractual agreement. Straightin2ortho provides up front, competitive pricing for a single set of quality products designed to improve smiles. For those who are not good candidates for the advertised product Straightin2ortho is happy to provide additional options that will to better address individual needs, upon request. The Straightin2orth policy is to only provide the advertised product to people who will have a positive outcome, according to the Straightin2ortho standards.


Terms and Risk of using aligners and moving teeth.


Temporary Side Effects --People wearing oral appliances usually require some time to adjust to having the appliance in their mouth. Speech, excessive salivating and tooth discomfort are all things your body will need time to adjust to and are temporary.


Allergic Reaction -- Our Trays are made out of BPA-free plastic that is specifically designed for aligner trays. Some patients may have or develop and allergy to the materials used in the aligner tray. If you do suspect you are experiencing a reaction, immediately discontinue use and contact your primary care provider.


Cavities, Gum or Periodontal Disease — Cavities, tooth decay, periodontal disease, inflammation of the gums or permanent markings (e.g. Decalcification) are likely to occur or accelerate during use of aligners. Failing to continue regular dental checkups with your dentist, brush and floss after eating; and eating/drinking surgery foods can exacerbate or create all the aforementioned reactions.


Unchecked Periodontal Issues -- Failure to have regular checkups while wearing the trays can cause small cavities to increase in size, causing sensitivity, toot pain or breakage. Variations in tooth color -- Circumstances may arise where discoloration or white spots may occur.


Shortening and Root Resorption -- Whenever moving teeth, patients are susceptible to their roots becoming shorter, rounded or changed in shape. This is a risk all people undergoing tooth movement must except and is increased for people who have had previous orthodontic treatment before. If root resorption goes unchecked by a licensed dentist, then failure to address the issue could lead to tooth loss. If any primary (or “baby”) teeth are present, any orthodontic movement could accelerate the resorption process leading to loss.


Damaged Nerves in Teeth – Moving teeth have a level of risk associated with it. Any tooth movement may accelerate nerve damage or nerve death, resulting in a root canal or other dental treatment. Predicting a person’s susceptibility to this type of damage is difficult but people who have had any facial injury or restorative work are at higher risk. If your dentist detects nerve damage prior to or during your aligner treatment, you should not use the trays.


Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ) -- If you have ever had or are having issues with your jaw joints, you should forgo aligner treatment until you have been seen by your regular dentist and/or a TMJ specialist. TMJ can be a serious medical condition that can be hard to diagnose. TMJ may be exacerbated with aligner tray therapy. Factors that make you more susceptible TMJ issues during aligner tray treatment include grinding, clinching, trauma, hereditary history and arthritis.


Impacted Teeth -- An impacted tooth is one that fails to erupt into the dental arch within the expected development window. Because impacted teeth do not erupt, they are retained through the individual’s lifetime unless extracted or exposed surgically. People who have impacted teeth are not candidates for aligner treatment and should undergo a more extensive orthodontic treatment. Straightin2ortho is always happy to recommend a licensed orthodontist.


Previous Dental Treatment -- Aligners will not move implants, if a customer has an implant and wants to move teeth that are not associated with an abutment ( or “contacting”) the implant and your dentist has no concerns about the condition of the tissue and bone surrounding the implant; those teeth not associated with the implant can be moved. Additionally, dental restorations, such as crowns, veneers, or bridges, may require replacement or adjustment due to tooth movement.


Oral Piercings -- Must be removed before treatment, failure to do so could result in tooth fractures, broken teeth and aligner damage.


Treatment time. only switching to a new tray once teeth represent the progress models supplied by Straightin2ortho. Most people are able to switch to a new tray between 3 to 4 weeks.


Other Risks -- Orthodontic treatment and the movements of teeth bring inherent and potential risks and side effects. In the case of aligner therapy, such risks may include (but are not limited to) discomfort, swelling, sensitivity, numbness, sore jaw muscles, allergic reaction to dental materials, and unforeseen conditions that may be revealed during treatment; which may necessitate etension of the original procedures or the recommendations of other patient specific procedures. Additionally, the tissue attachment between the front teeth may become inflamed, which is a common result of aligner therapy. The procedure required to treat this, known as a frenectomy, is not included in Straightin2ortho treatment cost.


Safety -- Aligners may break, be swallowed or inhaled. You may also have an allergic reaction to the materials used in the aligners.


General Health Problems -- Over all medical conditions such as bone, blood or hormonal disorders, and many prescriptions and non – prescription drugs (including bisphosphates) can affect the movement of the teeth and the outcome.


Duration and Result - The length of time you wear the aligners and the results depend on many factors, including, but not limited to: the severity of your case, the shape of your teeth, or the amount of time you wear the aligners per day. The average person generally wears the aligners for 4-8 months but your rate of tooth movement is impossible to predict and may take longer than normal. If the duration is extended beyond the original estimate, additional fees may be assessed. Difficult cases may require IPR and/or extractions with traditional braces for ideal results.


Retainers - Teeth may move again after you stop wearing the aligners. Retainers will be required to keep your teeth in their new positions for. Aligners should not be worn for more than 6 months. At this point you should re-order your new trays or (recommended) order a premium retainer that can be worn for much longer.


Bite Adjustment – Your bite may change during treatment and may result in temporary discomfort. Your bite may require adjustment after use of the aligners.


Agreement To Arbitrate – I hereby agree that any dispute regarding the products and services offered and accepted by Straightin2ortho and/or affiliated dental professionals, including but not limited to the medical malpractice disputes, will be determine by submission to and not my lawsuit filed in any court, except claims within the jurisdiction of Small Claims court, I understand that to initiate the arbitration, I must send a Demand for Arbitration via U.S. Certified Mail, Postage prepaid to Kenneth M. Bitner Attn: Straightin2ortho 341 S main, Suite 500 Salt Lake City, Utah 84111. The demand for Arbitration must be in writing to all parties, identify each defendant, describe the claim against each party, and the amount of damages sought, and the names of the Customer and his or her attorney. I agree that the arbitration shall be conducted by a single, neutral arbitrator selected by the parties and shall be resolved using the rules of the American Arbitration Association.


Black Triangles - Teeth which have been overlapped for long periods of time may be missing the gum tissue and when these teeth are aligned, a “black triangle” appears below the interproximal contact.


Informed Consent


I hereby consent to engaging in telehealth with Straightin2ortho, as part of my aligner treatment. I understand that “telehealth “includes the practice of health or dental care delivery, diagnosis, consultation, treatment, transfer of medical/dental information, both orally and visually, to an affiliated Straightin2ortho licensed dental professional within my state.


I further consent to Straightin2ortho sharing my personal and medical information with third parties, business associates, or affiliates for the purpose of treatment planning and/or manufacturing purpose.


I certify that I can read and understand English. I acknowledge that Straightin2ortho has not made any guarantees or assurances to me. I have read this form and fully understand the benefits and risk listed in this form related to my use of Straighin2ortho and I products. I have had an opportunity to discuss and ask any questions to a Strightin2ortho provider about the use of Straightin2ortho products. I understand that Straightin2orthocannto guarantee any specific results or outcomes. I further understand Straightin2ortho cannot guarantee any specific results from using the aligners. I further understand that the clear aligner treatment I will receive threw Straightin2ortho will only address the alignment of my teeth and will not correct my existing bite condition, I will need to seek more comprehensive treatment via local dental professional to address these issues.


I hereby grant Straightin2ortho the right to use photographs taken of my dental treatment and my first name for educational and/or marketing purposes. I acknowledge that since my participation is voluntary, I will receive no financial compensation and agree that my participation is voluntary, I will receive no financial compensation and agree that my participation confers upon me no rights of ownership. I release Straightin2ortho from liability for any claims by me or any third party in connection with my participation or use of clear aligners.