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Top Benefits of Using Invisible Aligners

In the past, those in need of braces simply had to resign themselves to prolonged periods with bulky, metallic orthodontic work to correct tooth alignment issues. For that reason, many people were reluctant to get the orthodontic care they needed simply because they didn’t want to live through the stigma and inconvenience of having braces. Metal braces are not aesthetically attractive, they can cause oral health issues such as demineralization, and they can injure the soft tissues in your mouth.

However, modern orthodontics offers a more palatable way of aligning teeth through invisible aligners in Utah. Invisible teeth aligners offer solutions to many common complaints about traditional metal braces. They’re practically invisible, they’re more comfortable, and they can be removed for eating or brushing your teeth. In addition to these attractive benefits, the best invisible aligners are also extremely efficient in performing their primary purpose of straightening teeth. If you’re considering your tooth alignment options, give some thought to requesting invisible aligners to correct your smile in the most convenient way possible. Read on to learn more about some of the top benefits of using invisible aligners.


Many orthodontic patients suffered through their teenage years with unsightly metal braces protruding from their teeth. While the long-term ends justified the short-term aesthetic compromise, many people avoided braces simply because they didn’t want to be shackled with the metal monsters. Invisible aligners have opened new possibilities for those patients, however, as they are all but undetectable to most people. Invisible aligners are stealthy enough to go unnoticed.

Efficient and Effective

Traditional braces work by putting the teeth under tremendous pressure that is adjusted over time to bring the teeth into alignment under the guidance of an orthodontist. Invisible aligners work on a similar principle, but they are gentler in their approach to aligning the teeth. With removable invisible aligners, the equipment is customized to the teeth of the patient. Therefore, fewer adjustments are required to perform the same level of alteration as traditional braces. Also, removable aligners are swapped out routinely to modify alignment work, providing gradual progress toward a perfect smile.

Totally Customized

Invisible aligners are not one-size-fits-all. Instead, a scan is made of your teeth during initial consultation and aligners are crafted specially for you. Once you have your first tray of aligners, you will periodically receive new aligners designed to gradually move your teeth into alignment. Little force is required during the process, which means that you’ll experience less discomfort throughout the process.

More Comfortable

One of the problems with traditional metal braces is that they’re uncomfortable. The sharp edges and wires associated with braces could cause considerable damage to the soft tissues in the mouth. That leads many people to wax their braces to reduce cuts and gouges. Invisible aligners are perfectly smooth, so there are no painful injuries caused by the dental apparatus.

Fewer Dental Problems

Metal braces have some unintended consequences on your teeth. For example, metal braces can sometimes facilitate demineralization of the teeth, and gum disease can begin during the period that braces are being used by a patient. With invisible aligners, none of these problems are encountered since they are made of plastic and can be removed to facilitate cleaning and eating.


Another benefit of invisible aligners is that they are removable. Practicing great oral health could be difficult with traditional braces that provide plenty of surfaces upon which bacteria could thrive or food could become trapped. However, with invisible aligners, the aligners can be removed during eating, cleaned along with the teeth, then replaced after the meal. They don’t have to be worn every minute of every day to be effective, unlike traditional braces that are bonded to the teeth.

If you’re considering braces, give some thought to invisible aligners instead. Invisible aligners correct many of the problems with traditional braces in a way that provides excellent results with few of the drawbacks. To learn more about invisible aligners, visit Straight In2 Ortho at