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Tips for Choosing the Right Invisible Aligners

Is hiding your smile draining your confidence? Whether you’re dealing with an overbite or crooked teeth, its time to whip your grin into shape. While orthodontia is the best way to align your teeth and brighten your smile, that doesn’t mean that you’ll be wearing braces for the next few years. Gone are the days of wire brackets. Instead, invisible aligners in Utah are becoming increasingly popular among adults and teenagers. But, how do you choose the right aligners for your needs?

Understand the Process

Before selecting an invisible aligner, it’s important to understand the process behind this type of orthodontia. Aligners are clear retainers custom designed to fit the mold of your teeth. Every few weeks, a new aligner is created that will gently move your teeth into the correct position. While it doesn’t involve semi-permanent brackets and wires, that doesn’t mean that you can pick and choose when to wear your aligners. In order for your treatment to be successful, you must wear your aligners regularly.

On top of wearing your aligners regularly, it’s important to maintain them properly. Because your aligners are constantly in your mouth, they should be cleaned and rinsed everyday. While you should remove them while eating, make sure that you brush your teeth and replace your aligners immediately after. If you don’t follow the process, you’re unlikely to see the results that you’d like, no matter which type of aligners that you use.

Speak With a Professional

There are a number of “mail-out” invisible aligners that you can choose from. While they may seem convenient, they lack one thing—professional interaction. In order for your orthodontia treatment to be successful, you must consult with an experienced dentist. Not only will they take up-to-date x-rays, but they’ll also sit down with you and discuss your options. You’ll be given different treatment plans and have the ability to choose the one that’s right for you. Without this support, you run the risk of misalignment or other serious issues.

Select an Experienced Provider

Invisible aligners are unique. They require a certain eye and a great deal of experience in order to be successful. The provider that you select to oversee your treatment should know exactly how to proceed with your teeth. They should have years of experience, ensuring that your teeth end up perfectly aligned at the end of the process. Before deciding on a provider, ask them if they’ve dealt with invisible aligners in the past. Ask to see before and after pictures, certifications, and patient testimonials. This ensures that you’re completely satisfied with your smile once the aligners come off.

Choosing to use invisible teeth aligners in Utah, as opposed to traditional braces, is a great way to boost your confidence and improve your smile. If you’re looking for the most affordable invisible aligners in Utah, look no further than Straight In2 Ortho. Call for an appointment today!